Saturday, February 7, 2015

HoN eSports Weekly

HoN Tour Cycle 8

A quick reminder to tune in for the conclusion of HoN Tour Cycle 8 this weekend as four teams fight for the final crown in the Diamond Division. The favorites and defending Champs, Sync eSports, square off against the rising force that is Reason Gaming in the WB Finals, while Nullstone Gaming and willowkeeper fight through the lower bracket, looking for redemption. The all important matches are not only for nearly $20,000 in prizing, but precious momentum leading into next week's HoN Tour Playoffs! Will we see a new team take first, or will Sync eSports win a seventh HoN Tour Cycle? It all kicks off at 9AM EST / 1500 CET on Saturday, with Rea vs Sync, and continues Sunday at 12pm EST / 1800 CET for the LB Finals.

HoN Tour Flash Sales

If that's not enough motivation, be sure to check out the updated HoN Tour Flash sales! We've increased the discount on sales, and even allowed certain Limited Edition Avatars to become available for sale. If you're looking for the right chance to buy that Avatar you've been waiting for, it might just happen this weekend during HoN Tour. Be sure to check it all out at

We'll see you next time for more HoN eSports!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

HoN eSports Weekly

We're on our way to the final cycle of HoN Tour Season 3! The exciting conclusion of the regular season kicks off this weekend, so make sure to check it out. Along with the exciting matches is the debut of HoN Tour Flash Sales, a new system that lets fans save big when the players go big! Let's take a look!

HoN Tour Cycle 8

With Sync firmly in first place and on their way to Thailand, the rest of the top teams are scrambling for momentum leading into the playoffs. A win or big showing in Cycle 8 will not only start that momentum, but also score better seeding, and a nice payday from the event's $19,000 prize pool. With exciting match-ups like BMG vs Reason in the first round, there is going to be nothing but awesome matches in store.

HoN Tour Flash Sales

The Flash Sale system debuts this weekend, allowing fans to follow along for designated big plays like a steal on the Token of Life, an Annihilation, or a 5 man Tempest hole. Each big play will trigger a Flash Sale, allowing players to save up to 40% on select Avatars. You can find the full list on or the official Forums.

Weekly Cups

With HoN Tour on hiatus last weekend, the 5v5 Cup #10 stepped in to bring us the FoC action. At the end of the bracket Dishonored fell 0-2 to Diamond Division regulars Prime Icarus, as PI scored Aquarius Bubbles and a ton of Gold Coins!

On the Midwars scene, the Big Bux Money crew were back in force as they scored wins in Midwars Cup #13 and 14. 2-0 wins over XVII Exclusives and Raging BUll show that the team once called the stayGreen of Midwars are back in force! Grimm's Cup #13 wasn't as clean, as the favorites Grimms United were taken down by Coolo, who then went on to take the Finals 2-0 over Zdegree. But the Grimms United squad got their revenge in #14 as they went undefeated to the Finals and scored a 2-0 win over MenWithHandguns. Congrats to all squads!

This Week's Events

Be sure to tune in to Honcast and the HoN Community Casters starting at 12pm EST/1800 CET as HoN Tour Cycle 8 kicks off! The coverage continues all weekend long with Upper Bracket Saturday, and Lower Bracket Sunday filling your screens with some awesome HoN action!

We'll catch you next time for another HoN eSports Weekly!