Monday, August 12, 2013

Patch 3.2.1 -- Matchmaking Improvements

Hey everyone, Buro here. In this patch, 3.2.1, we have implemented quite a few changes directed at improving the matchmaking system and reducing queue times.

Persistent Groups
Two very noticeable changes we have made are the addition of persistent groups as well as queue confirmation. Now when you are matched, you will get a confirmation requiring everyone to accept the match before getting into the game; this will stop games where one player remains afk through the whole pick phase.

Ranked vs. Unranked
We have also removed basic and verified. These have been replaced with ranked and unranked matchmaking. Similar to the transfer from basic to verified, new accounts will only be able to play in unranked games until level 3, when they will then have the option to play in ranked games where MMR and stats will be tracked.

The implementation of unranked matchmaking creates a less stressful environment for new players and experienced players alike, while not mixing them with the people who are looking for serious competitive matches. This system also changes the base MMR at which accounts are introduced into ranked play. An account playing ranked matchmaking for the first time will no longer be 1500 MMR, but their MMR will be set to a value based on their performance in their first three levels of unranked play.

Reducing Queue Times
The next change that is very noticeable is the removal of a few modes previously offered in matchmaking. The modes that will be removed are: Lockpick, Core Pool, and Grimm's Crossing. These modes were causing very long wait times due to low play numbers. For those of you who enjoyed these modes, they will still be playable in public games. Also, expect Grimm's Crossing to reappear in a new form in the future.

We are also taking a look at the matchmaking algorithm itself to see if any tweaks can be made to allow faster and better matches. You can expect to see the results of this over the course of the next couple of weeks as it is being tweaked.

Balanced Random
We're trying out a replacement for All Random in the Forests of Caldavar. In matchmaking, you will now see a mode called Balanced Random. This mode, while still retaining the enjoyability of the randomness, will generate more balanced teams to play against one another. See the patch notes for more information on how Balanced Random works.

This patch is another part of our continued effort to better Heroes of Newerth. We hope that 3.2.1 will bring you a more streamlined, superior matchmaking experience! Keep looking forward to more improvements, as we have many more in store!

Added new mode to replace all random in matchmaking: Balanced Random

On each team, five different random settings will be used for picking. The slots will work as followed:
  1. Random from the pool of Carries
  2. Random from the pool of Initiators
  3. Random from the pool of Gankers
  4. Random from the pool of Supports
  5. Random from all heroes (this will random from either melee, ranged, or all heroes depending on the makeup of the previous four randoms)

Where these slots lie on the team will also be random. (ex. Pink could random a Carry one game, but random a Support the next). If anyone repicks, it will re-random a hero from the whole pool.


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